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Dear Mom On The iPhone,

As promised. Here is “Dear Mom On The iPhone”. Great read!

“They won’t always want to come to the park with you, Mommy. They won’t always spin and twirl to make their new dress swish, they won’t always call out, “WATCH ME!”

Dear Mom On The iPhone,.


Dear Dad in the Recliner,

This is such an awesome article. I hope it benefits someone else as much ad it did me. While you’re on their site check out the rest of the blogs. Some great writing!

“You work hard, you deserve to relax at the end of your day, I whole heartedly agree. But, please, don’t ever forget, your children will only seek you out for a short amount of years.”

Dear Dad in the Recliner,


Tomorrow I will post “Dear Mom On The iPhone” by the same author.


The Great Debate

The Great Debate

The greatest debate ever. Over or under? You decide. I’m an over man myself.

The Flip

So to give all the “seriousness” a break, I figured I’d post something that not many people have seen but I’m sure most would want to. If I know my friends, you all like to see someone in pain. Well here it is, my pain. Roughly 10 years ago while I was working security at a local hospital I made bike patrol, the easy gig.

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Never Forget The Stars


Psalm 147:4
He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.
Every night that I get home from work I stop and stare at the sky.  Every single night I do this.  It has become a ritual.  See, I work 2nd shift, and when I get home the sky is dark and full of stars.  Yes, stars.  When you live in the country you can actually see these mysterious “shiny things in space”.  Quite the beautiful sight actually.  Anyhow, every night I get home, park my car, walk up our sidewalk, and stop.  I stare, soak in the night, and just lose myself in the awe of what God made.  Every night, every single night, I say, “Thank you God for the stars”.
The other night was no different.  I pulled up and parked, got out, walked up my sidewalk, took in a deep breath Read more…

No Words

Somedays, this says it all.

“Why I Don’t Believe In Grace”

So in my search of ‘positiveness’ over the past few weeks I began reading a book by Jon Acuff, “Quitter”, that was recommended by my brother. This is such a great book and didn’t take me long to finish it. Anyways, I enjoyed his book so much that I went and started following his blog, Stuff Christians Like (I highly recommend you follow as well).

Well, while reading his blog I came across something he wrote that hit pretty hard. His blog titled “Why I Don’t Believe In Grace” is nothing short of amazing. He tells us how grace is offensive. We say how much we need grace, Read more…

Matthew 18:3 “….Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”


So I’m a happy husband/daddy, and figured I’d share with all three of my followers (ha). This past Sunday we were at church for my wife’s baptism. I was very proud of her; still am. She took the stage at our pastor’s request and read her very own testimony. She told of her background, what brought her here, and how happy she is now that she has made this decision. This was a very exciting time for me, and a very happy and proud moment. But what happened next is what caught me by surprise. Sure we were here celebrating another name that God would call home. We had a multitude of family and friends to come by for this occasion. But the biggest surprise of the night happened after Read more…

A New Day….A New You


This was posted on Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. A note he wrote down for himself and one day decided to share on his blog. Really had some meaning to me and thought that I’d share as well. No matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day, which brings a new you.

Mitch Albom wrote in his book, The Time Keeper, (a GREAT book that I highly suggest reading) “There is a reason God limits our days. To make each one precious.” He went on to say that “With endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can’t appreciate what we have…”

So, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” today. Sacrifice, do something out of the ordinary. Go on a picnic, read a book, go to church, give in the offering, call an old friend you lost contact with or help somone by “paying it forward”. Remember, if we don’t sacrifice then we will never appreciate what we have.

Besides, tomorrow is a new day.

Psalm 118:24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.


The Black Death.



Bubonic Plague.


Spanish Flu.


To you, there may be something in the list above that doesn’t fit. To me, it fits just fine. I’m of course talking about, “The Man-Flu”. The most horrible

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