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Oil Spill

June 21, 2010

So with all the uproar in the gulf about the big BP oil spill, to be honest everyone seems to be going a little crazy.  I most definitely agree more should have been done sooner.  I will be the first to say that more people should have stepped up and helped.  More “celebrities” should have cared enough to help out.  These same “celebrities” are the ones that donated millions and millions of dollars to Haiti when they had their disaster.  Now, their own country has a disaster that is killing hundreds of animals and putting hundreds out of work.  I think that some have finally stepped up to help, I guess it is better late than never right?  Still the help from these people has not come close to touching what they did for other countries.  I personally think it is sad and pathetic.  Everyone is on this whole boycott BP wagon, well I do understand there should have been more safety concerns and I’m definitely not on BP’s side, but what is going to come from us boycotting BP?  More people out of work.  More economy problems.  Go ahead and boycott the BP station.  All you are doing is putting more pressure on mom & pop that own the store.  They make less money and can’t pay their bills.  More government help.  More taxes.  Yes, lets boycott BP.  That’s stupid.  If you think boycotting someone will help then why don’t we boycott the ones that refuse to help.  Boycott the person that sent a million dollars to Haiti but has turned their back on their own country.  Don’t buy that new CD that just came out or don’t go see that new movie that came out last week.  Little bit harder to do isn’t it?  Well if you want to boycott someone then that is who should be boycotted.  BP should take responsibility yes, but not that way.  The President pretty much made it clear that they need to do something to help the people that are losing jobs because of this disaster.  President Obama and Vice President Biden made sure that BP understood they need to set up a fund for the Gulf.  BP did.  Great.  Wait, not great.  Now everyone is all over Obama and Biden for being “thugs” and “forcing” BP to set up the funds.  COME ON PEOPLE!  What do you want, them to help or not?  I have never been a big fan of this current administration but they helped.  They used their positions as the leaders of this country and stood up to BP and yes practically forced them to set up funds for us.  For us.  For the same people that are saying they shouldn’t have done it that way.  OK then if you disagree with it feel free to leave your money for someone else and you can get it some other way.  The right way.  I don’t see a problem at all with they way they handled the situation.  Better late than never right?  Yes as the leader of our country more should have been done sooner but at least we have a start.  We have a start with the help in the form of money.  Now lets just get that oil cleaned up.  Please.


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  1. James permalink

    I agree and disagree. I do think more was done about disaster relief in other countries then here. However, we shouldnt rely on celebrities. Anyone in the US can set up a bank account designated for BP oil relief. People could contact local new agencies and ask to spread the word about the account. It doesnt take celebrities to start a movement. There have been follies on both sides. The administrations side and also on BP’s side. Why does current administration still blame previous administration for this oil spill? It was current administration that approved the drilling license and also awarded the same rig a safety award just months before mishap. I dont like to see BP’s top exucutive at a yatch race, nor do I like to see our current President, playing golf, taking a vactation during Memorial Day, and hosting and dancing at a Paul McCartney concert while this is going on. I also dont like to hear our President use sensless rhetoric like boot on their throats, and whos ass to kick. We also have current Govenors whos ideas cant get passed due to federal government not allowing it. I.E. Govenor Jindall asking for barrier islands. Also now we have governments who have gone to federal government, with what they think is a better plan then the feds have come up with, and the federal government has told those cities in FL that if they clean up the oil their way they will have to foot the bill. Unfortnuately if the American people dont wake up soceity is in for a long road to disater. We have politicians who are lying about being war vetrans. We have a politician in South Carolina who is on unemployment and has a pending felony for pornagraphy. We have a health care dissater that is going to cost millions. THe federal government seems content on spending all our money (national debt over 13 trillion. We have a president who has a commercial out asking Latino’s, African Americans, and young Americans to vote. Hmmm what is left out there. We have a Supreme Court Justice that says that Latino women make better judges then white men. We have a president who stopped building a fence at the border. Now his administration is suing Az. Where is the outcry from people when one of our own states is being boycotted. Also democratic plan is a pathway to citizenship. Which includes all illegals coming forward to register, and fining buisness who hire undocumented workers. How do you know if someone is undocumented? YOu have to ask for papers. Isnt that

  2. James permalink

    exactly what people say is raciest…asking for papers? Our buisness’s can ask for papers and it be ok but not our law enforcement.

  3. Wow. Ok. First of all I’m glad someone actually read that and replied. Secondly…I’m kind of disappointed that you didn’t leave a donaton —>. haha

    Ok, I agree with about 95% of what you said. One of the only things we disagree on is BP chief executive Tony Hayward taking his yacht out. Only reason being is he isn’t the one actually cleaning up. He is giving the orders and what not for others to do the clean up. I personally don’t see how it will effect anything that he took a day off and spent it with his family, racing, floating the river whatever. Just my opinion on that. The other things you said I agree with completely. The whole celebrity deal upsets me just because of how someone will spend millions for other countries but not ours. If they didn’t spend money to help another country then I wouldn’t be saying any of this. Yes we all could have started an account and helped out and that is where we should have instead of complaining about others. Got me on that one. Shame on us for not doing more while we complained about others doing nothing. Two people doing nothing equals nothing. It does irritate me like you said how every time a local Government tries to do something there seems to be a road block. Example being Governor Riley having the barrier islands in South Alabama only to be taken away by the Coast Guard to another state. Maybe America will see this and step up to help others out without trying to get something in return. And maybe we will remember this when it is time to vote.

    Last thing….you need to be my co-host for whenever I start a radio show haha.

  4. James permalink

    Id love to co-host. That could be interesting!

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