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The Thin Blue Line

June 24, 2010

It seems that every time I look at my Facebook main page there is an update telling me there has been another Police Officer killed in the line of duty. According to The Officer Down Memorial Page, as of June 24th, 2010 there have been 82 Police Officers killed in the line of duty. 28 of which were killed by gunfire. 82 deaths already. It is a sickening and stomach turning thought. So whenever you think about this, whenever you have some down time, whenever you see that Police Officer on the side of the road or just riding down the street, try to remember the ones that gave their life for you and me. Sometimes we need to stick together and Shield a Badge with Prayer. Well this has been on my mind lately so I figured why not share my thoughts with everyone.

Here is something I wrote for a good friend after he was killed in the line of duty:

The Thin Blue Line

In Memory of Eric

The Thin Blue Line just got thinner tonight.
With one Officer less the stars don’t shine as bright.
When the call goes out for Officer needs assistance
You race to the scene, lights flashing in the distance
As your brother in blue stares back up at you.
The blank look in his eyes, the tears on your face.
The heart sinking feeling, the emptiness inside.
You scream over the mic, Officer Down!
Can they hear me? Where are the medics?
Why is it taking so long? He can’t die!
As the emotions drown out the surroundings
As you choke on your own tears
Now you begin to realize
The Thin Blue Line just got thinner tonight.

RIP Offc. Eric Freeman
EOW 12/15/07


Joseph Adam Day

Copyright © December 15, 2007 – All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission


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One Comment
  1. Mom permalink

    Still love this every time I read it. Such terrible losses! 😦

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