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February 16, 2013

The Black Death.



Bubonic Plague.


Spanish Flu.


To you, there may be something in the list above that doesn’t fit. To me, it fits just fine. I’m of course talking about, “The Man-Flu”. The most horrible

sickness to date.

I wasn’t aware of just how bad this sickness was until my wife pointed it out to me. She, of course, made fun of how “sick” I was and how “pathetic” I was “acting” when just days earlier she had the same sickness and was cleaning house, taking our son to school, doing her own school work, reminding me that her school work is for a masters degree, cooking dinner….ok lets be honest….I just assumed she said those things. I can only assume because little did I know, at the time of that conversation I was slowly being consumed with “The Man-Flu”.

The next few days were just a blur. All I remember was laying there, covered in sweat, feeling like I could regurgitate my last 7 meals at any moment and then eventually I fell victim to the sickness and passed out. (Not sure if I really passed out, I think I just fell asleep playing my xbox, but I’m not sure so we will go with passing out.) Today, I feel like a lucky man that I’m able to sit here and express just how serious this is.

So ladies, if your man starts acting a little weird and just lays around seeming sick, please do not take this lightly. Seek medical attention immediately! Only the finest doctors will do. He could have the dreaded……”Man-Flu”.

This post is purely for fun and in no way is taking away the seriousness of listed illnesses or any other that is not listed.


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